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World Time Lite

Download World Time Lite


World Time Lite and World Time Pro are the ultimate world time tracking applications for the Palm WebOS.  The user interface has a sleek design that is both pleasing to the eye and easy to the use, making it the most appealing world time app on the Palm WebOS.

World Time Lite and World Time Pro are lean, snappy and versatile applications that allow users to display the local time at various cities worldwide on a simple scrollable screen.  Both versions of the app also allow the user to maintain multiple Time Lists in order to reduce the need to keep modifying one set of preferences.

World Time Lite and World Time Pro are available for any Palm WebOS device including the Pre, Pre Plus, Pixi, and Pixi Plus.

World Time Lite includes the following features: * World Map * Slick Design * Configurable Latitude and Longitude *Configurable Daylight Savings Time * Automatic Daylight Savings Time* 2 Time Lists *.

In addition to the features in World Time Lite, the Pro version also includes:* Ad Free* Add Custom Cities * Time Calculator Multi-City Alarm *Dashboard Snooze and Edit time *Background Alarms * Alarms for different cities * Alarms from ringtones or any song on phone * Snooze Time Customization * Custom Sorted List * Unlimited Time Lists * Rotating Full screen Map (Coming Soon).

World Time Lite/Pro Features

Custom ThemesYesYes
World MapYesYes
Configurable Latitude and LongitudeYesYes
Configurable Daylight Savings TimeYesYes
Automatic Daylight Savings TimeYesYes
Custom Sorted ListYesYes
Multiple Time ListsYes (Limited to 2 Lists)Yes (No Limit)
Time CalculatorNoYes
Multi-City AlarmNoYes
Snooze Time CustomizationNoYes
Dashboard Snooze and Edit timeNoYes
Add Custom CitiesNoYes
Ad FreeNoYes

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