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FAQ World Time Pro


Q: I’m having a problem with the daylight saving time, what shall I do?

A: There was a problem in WebOS 1.4 update that broke daylight saving time, we have released an update and we are waiting for palm to approve.  Click here to request updates notification.


Q: How can I be notified about an update?

A: Click here to request updates notification.


Q. How can I check if there is an update?

A. Click here.


Q. I downloaded the updated version and now my cities are not appearing, how can I fix this?

A. This is due to an updated database structure in the app which affected only some users.  The easy way to fix this is to delete the application and download it again, we are really sorry about this.


Q. There is a country missing in the list, what can i do?

A. If you have the Lite version you are unable to add custom cities and custom countries.  You may send a request from this link for future updates to include this country.  World Time Pro users may use the same link or they may just add the country or city from either Preferences & Accounts or from the add city page.


Q. How can i find a city from the list without having to scroll the entire list?

A. When you are in the add city page, just start typing and the app will search all the cities and show filter out the results that match your request.


Q.  I want to delete a city from my list.  How do I do that?

A. To delete a city from your list, just swipe off to the right or left of the screen.