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World Time Pro Help

Welcome to the Help of World Time Pro.

Main Page

Scrolling Bar

The scrolling bar will scroll all the cities in the List for ease when the list is long and the user does not want to scroll down the page.

World Map

The world map will highlight little dots showing the cities that are in the City List below.

Rotating the phone will allow you to get a full screen map (Pro version only version 1.2.x)

City List

This is the list of the selected cities.  Next to each city there are two icons, one for editing the city data and the other is for setting the alarm for that particular city. (Please see Alarms)

Add City

This button allows the user to add cities to the Time List (for more info on Time Lists look up Time Lists)

Add Custom City

This allows you to create a city that is not included in the application, it may be a city that is not the capital or a little town that you are familiar with, this button only available in the Pro version allows you to add these cities.

Edit City

To edit a city just press the information icon ‘i’ on the city list and you will be able to edit it.  Alternatively, you may go to the Preference & Accounts, select on the Time List that has the city you want to edit, for example “My World Times”.  From the list of cities, select the one you want to edit and you are done press “Update”

Rotation (soon)

If you rotate the phone you will get a full screen map.


Alarms are created for cities that are in your current city list.

Alarm List

This is a list of all the active alarms.  From here you may edit active alarms, add new ones or delete existing alarms.

New Alarm

You can create a new alarm by pressing the new alarm button in the Alarm List page or by clicking on the alarm icon next to the city which you want to have an alarm set.  If there are active alarms, the alarm icon on the bottom will be lit and the icon next to the city which has the alarm will also be lit.

Edit Alarm

To edit an alarm, open the Alarm list and press on the specific alarm you wish to edit

Delete Alarm

To delete an alarm, swipe it off the screen from the Alarm List page

Alarm Dashboard

When the alarm rings, the user will receive a slide up menu with the option to snooze, dismiss the alarm, or to edit the alarm.

Snooze will snooze the alarm based on the default snooze time set in the Preference & Accounts page, the Dismiss will end the alarm.  If the user wishes to completely edit the alarm he may press edit and the alarm page will open up.

Alarm Sound

When setting an alarm, the World Time Pro user will be also able to select an alarm sound from the sounds already available on the phone or any Music file on the phone. From the accounts and preferences the user is also able to set the default alarm sound so that he does not have to set it for every alarm every time.

Time Calculator

Time Calculator allows you to find out the time in one city based on the time of another.  For example, you can select in New York at 10am, what time will it be in Cairo, Egypt.  This is particularly useful when you are trying to set a meeting or an event in another city and what to know what time it will be in your city.

Preferences & Accounts


Ring on Silent

This is to chose if the alarm should ring or not if the phone’s silent switch is turned on.

Snooze Duration

The user will have the option to set what the default snooze duration will be if the alarm rings.

Snooze Sound

This allows you to set the default alarm sound


24 Time Format

Here the user may set the time display format in 24 hour format or 12 hour format (PM/AM).

Default List

The default list that is used by default by the application from the Time Lists (please check Time Lists for more information).

Time Lists

World Time Pro allows the user to have more than one time list with customized list of cities in each for convenience.  This is particularly useful when traveling and monitoring a special group of cities out of the norm or setting lists based on different activities or projects a person may be involved in.

Map Rotation (soon)

The user can choose to disable the app rotation to change the map to full screen.



If you have any problems, please email us at: with a clear subject line and a detailed email describing the problem you are facing.


You can always check the frequently asked questions from the Help menu in the World Time Pro or go to the following address:

Last updated:

Thursday, February 11, 2010