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File Sync

Download File Sync

With File Sync, you will no longer fear losing any data from your mobile, having all your data backed up at your PC, the application was designed to be simple and with its very user friendly interface, you will be able to upload and download files from your phone to and from your PC without the need to be a technology expert to install, run and use the application.

Once you install the application on your phone and finish the registration, you will instantly receive a conformation email with the PC client to have it installed on your PC, et voila, you are ready to go now. No need to setup any IP address or identify any device, the application will do it automatically for you as long as both PC and phone are on the same Wifi network.

File Sync is compatible with Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, Palm Pre Plus, and Palm Pixi Plus ** NOT Palm Pixi **, ** Only Windows, does not work with Mac yet

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