In the fast-moving information age, no company can neglect the important and value of information to its business. Most companies today do not fully utilize the information they have nor gather the information that they need. Between scattered data that is not utilized to employee dependent functions, this keeps most business from growing beyond their full potential and always weights them down with risk. We believe the opportunities are abundant for business, business of any size, yet the day-to-day activities of many business executives and business owners distract them from optimizing and reaching higher grounds.

Our experience and understanding of technology allows us to partner with companies to help them reach these new grounds by analyzing them and working with them to optimize the company. We do this through understanding the flow of the company and offering innovative solutions to increase the efficiency and enhance the productivity. Informational is key, and with this proper information at the right time, magic can happen.

Let magic happen.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke


We take pride in understanding every company we work with, we get into details that other may feel are unnecessary, we try to be in our customer’s shoes, in their client’s shoes, in the shoes of the public.  We do this to understand.  To grasp the complexities in life, one must do so with great focus and detail.

The hardest challenge then is simplicity.  We believe that things must be simple, and that is more difficult than complexity as it entails the same requirements yet without requiring the same energy.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci

We have been asked what our logo stands for.  Simply put, our clients and us are together in the same circle.  The purpose of our circle is to protect our client and enable them to do more.

About Us

Victory Link USA was established in 2009 in New Jersey to cover the North American market with its IT experience and know-how.  Victory Link USA believes in developing and coaching people, and to do so we are always on the look out for the most innovative people. Our philosophy is founded on the support of our clients, to provide them with the human experience supported by technological advancement.   We seek partnerships at all times with like minded people and firms, the power of the many is always greater than the near sighted perspective, and that’s why we are always pushing ourselves to experience our clients through different perspectives.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein


Enabling our clients to achieve more, through advanced technology and efficient solutions to accomplish results with simple experiences.


Our vision at Victory Link USA is to become one of the most efficient business IT consultancy firms in Egypt, United Arab Emirates, and New Jersey by always being updates with the latest technologies and knowing how to incorporate the appropriate components to provide the ultimate solution and smooth experience.


At Victory Link uSA, our aim is to facilitate our client’s needs by sharing their workload, eliminating their problems, and assisting them in attaining their maximum capabilities. We provide an array of versatile services to our esteemed clients, our services include:

Technology has dominated each and every aspect of our lives all over the globe, and businesses have to make the hardest effort to keep up with the ongoing and evolving technological advancements in order to maintain their competency in the market and industry.  

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Technological innovations have picked up at a much faster pace, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the latest developments. Business often struggle to update and modify their IT departments to the latest technological developments. IT department they are encountering problems in training their staff in using latest IT solutions, software and equipment. It budgets are not allocated according to a strategy and hence usually under equipped until a catastrophe occurs and then incur much higher expenses than needed. Victory Link USA is here to provide companies of all sizes and industries assistance in analyzing their technological situation, and addressing all requirements that are necessary to upgrade its technological departments. We will conduct an in-depth evaluation of your technological situation, which will include a SWOT analysis of your department, we will identify the needs and shortcomings of your department, devise efficient and economical solutions, and assist you in implementing these solutions to a greater advantage.


Scope Defining is an extremely crucial element of strategic and future planning. It is basically the setting of objectives, goals, and the efficient allocation of resources. It outlines what work needs to be done, and directs the allocations of tasks and resources required to achieve a particular goal. 

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At Victory Link USA, we aim to provide you the assistance and technical skills required in assessing your business requirements, and providing resourceful solutions in accordance with the latest technological developments. We will evaluate all possible solutions and contrasts of alternatives, and provide you with the best possible solution to direct your business activity and project allocation. The information derived from our findings can be used to assist businesses in a variety of tasks, such as identifying and addressing the demands and concerns of their customers, an RFP to employ the best suited solution provider, a software developer or hardware provider, and overall assistance in setting the objectives and goals of a product.  These findings will be key should there be a need to conduct future evaluations regarding the success or failure of projects undertaken by the business.




An RFP is a document of significant importance, issued by a company that wishes to engage potential vendors in a bid for a required IT solution that serves to identify what the customer desire, and develops a criteria for evaluating the proposals. 

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At Victory Link USA, our team will provide you our competent assistance in drafting and preparing an RFP for your business, and help you find a proposal that is most responsive and effective in addressing your specifications and requirements. The toughest task in the RFP handling process is the selection of the most suitable and effective proposal, which is also economical and time-efficient at the same time. Allow our team at Victory Link USA to handle this burden for you, we will set an eligibility criteria dictating the standard of the proposal acceptable, and we will conduct an in-depth evaluation to select the best and most suited proposal. Our aim is to ensure that we provide our client with the most efficient, economical, and suitable project proposal. Upon receiving the requirements from our client, we work to protect our client’s information through legal means to ensure that, we begin the process by drafting a non-disclosure agreement with all potential bidders to ensure the privacy of the business activities of our clients, and then we proceed to identify the best possible results for our esteemed customers.

We offer an array of Project management services including planning, organizing and outlining tasks for the pursuit of an organization’s specific information technology goals and objectives. 

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Our team of project management consultants is well informed and competent in all business directives, and has a command in assigning resources and directing initiatives to assist you in achieving the information technology goals of your business. We aim to keep the client and developer aligned to the project plan to deliver the projects on time.  We keep the client informed of the effect of each decision taken in mid project to maintain least possible interruptions in delivery, with an economical and cost-efficient budget in mind. Our services include the overseeing of projects for software development, hardware installations, network upgrades, clouds computing, virtualization rollouts, business analytics, data management and implementation of IT solutions. We evaluate and analyse your projects along with the entire team to ensure the competency and involvement of all team members. Our aim is to centralize the collaboration efforts of all departments of the business and provide a project management system that is best suited to all technological requirements and methodologies, along with being easy to implement and cost-effective. Project management solutions devised by our team will ensure the high accessibility of your goals, simplification and improvement of your management efforts, and technological enhancement of your IT departments.

For every business to grow in today’s world IT is required.  Without the proper management, a successful path may not always be found.  For businesses that do not wish to incur the extra cost nor have tasks to fulfil a full-time CIO or CTO, Victory Link USA can provide you the Remote CIO/CTO solution. What does a CIO or CTO do? Traditionally, the CIO was mainly involved in attending to the needs of the organization.  In contrast to the CIO, the CTO focuses less on day-to-day operations and more on technology. Common roles associated with CIOs and CTOs are:

• The CIO is internally faced and focused on the company’s bottom line
• Serves as the company's top technology infrastructure manager
• Runs the organization's internal IT operations
• Works to streamline business processes with technology
• Focuses on internal customers (users and business units)
• Collaborates and manages vendors that supply infrastructure solutions
• Aligns the company's IT infrastructure with business priorities
• Developers strategies to increase the company's bottom line (profitability)
• Has to be a skilled and organized manager to be successful
• The CTO is really a customer facing role and is focused on the company’s top line.
• Serves as the company's top technology architect
• Runs the organization's engineering group
• Uses technology to enhance the company's product offerings
• Focuses on external customers (buyers)
• Collaborates and manages vendors that supply solutions to enhance the company's product(s)
• Aligns the company's product architecture with business priorities
• Develops strategies to increase the company's top line (revenue)
• Has to be a creative and innovative technologist to be successful

Difference: The key difference to remember is that a CIO (operations oriented) is internally facing, focused on information systems (communication workflow), with a target to increase efficiency thereby improving the bottom-line while a CTO (technology strategy oriented) is customer facing, focused on a technology strategy, with a target to improve the end product. Common:


  • Strong leadership and a business-oriented mindset.
  • A technical background and clear understanding of the underlying technologies.
  • Good operational and managerial skills.
  • Effective communication – both technically, and non-technically with the ability to translate between the two.

Our competent and efficient team will help you create technologically efficient plans to better advertise, improve and enhance your business and policy making. We will assist you in identifying and addressing the IT requirements based on the latest market trends and technological advancements of your individual departments and business as a whole.  We will guide your investments to ensure your business is up to date with all technological innovations, at the most economical and cost-efficient price. Whether your company needs to address the technical requirements to increase your top line, or bottom line, your internal department or external clients, our remote CIO/CTO solution will provide you with the knowhow at a fraction of the cost.



The “What Is” step, defining what is the goal, what is the objective, what is the problem, what is needed, what is not needed.


Now it’s time to take what you learn in the Discovery phase and start looking to turn “what is” into “what’s possible”. Deep understanding of the situation, opportunities, people, where to go, and everything else that needs to be identified.

Decision to Act

Planning the work and working the plan!  At this step the work is planned in terms of who will do what, when, where, how and with what resources. The plan is then carried out.


This is where we engage! All the data and plans made in the previous steps are put into action.


Here we review and analyze what was, what’s been done, the improvements made, and the areas where improvement can be made.  At times this leads us to new discoveries and enhancements.

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